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About Open Data Explorer

Downloading is still the most common way to access data, even if it is inefficient

Data repositories allow open access to research data, but most of the repository platforms have limitations reducing FAIRness.

Lack of support for folders results in datasets to be published as large compressed archive files that reduces accessibility and interoperability.

Limited support for random data access prevents cloud-native formats to be utilized effectively and efficiently through the repositories.

Because data preview capabilities of the repositories are also limited, in practice, the researchers need to download large datasets and find ways to explore them to understand their content and quality.

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Open Data Explorer enables direct interactive access to data!

Open Data Explorer aims to facilitate rapid exploratory data analysis and visualisation of research data by providing a ready-to-use interactive computing platform where research data is directly available for computing.

Each user is provided with a dedicated computing environment based on JupyterLab that supports interactive notebooks and a rich set of data access, analysis, and visualization packages in multiple languages (e.g. Python, R).

To enable zero-waiting time access to a large number of datasets, the platform caches research data on-demand and also proactively by monitoring popular and new datasets available on selected data repositories.

Example exploratory data analysis notebooks are automatically generated for each dataset based on its file types (e.g. CVS, NetCDF, GeoTIFF) and they are further tailored according to the dataset content so that they can be directly used for analysis with minimum user input.

Supported data repository platforms

All research data repositories based on common data repository platforms are supported!

Analysis environment with ready-to-use data

Datasets are directly accessible without downloading through an analysis environment with interactive data analysis notebooks!

Check our presentation for more information about the platform and its capabilities!

Project Team

Serkan Girgin


Pablo Castellanos Nash

Castellanos Nash

Néstor De la Paz Ruiz

De la Paz Ruiz

Alexandru Matcov


Wendy van Ginkel

van Ginkel

Madeleine de Smaele

de Smaele

This project is funded by SURF DCC Funding 2023.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the Open Data Explorer!

We will be happy to hear your feedback and suggestions especially on:

  • Unsupported research data repositories,
  • Inaccessible research data sets,
  • Performance of provided computing environments,
  • Usability of provided template notebooks.
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